What is technology capable of doing today?

Technology today is:

– Capable of helping people have useful and rewarding work even within a big corporation.
– Capable of letting children play online completely safely.
– Capable of supporting employment for millions of people – and helping them provide value.
– Helping us achieve high levels of safety in our working environment
– Capable of helping people learn and build an understanding of just about anything
Helping us achieve high levels of security without people feeling ostracised
– Providing tools to enable experts to reduce CO2 emissions without causing society too much pain or change.
– Reducing the risk of road accidents
– Providing the core components we need to live – water, food, energy – cheaply and reliably
– By doing all of this, keeping populations of the world largely happy and happy to elect politicians who keep things that way rather than stir it up

Yet it seems that most of the software industry seems to want to make software which replaces people, or entertains people, rather than engage people?


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