How SFDE could have helped avoid Brexit

Hi there are many angles showing how Software for Domain Experts could have contributed to avoiding Brexit:
1) There are many comments that people running the EU are ‘out of touch’. So they need better situation awareness. Can well modelled software help here? Probably
1b) Software could be used by government to model a much broader range of activities – “macro modelling” – putting together large amounts of real time data to get a much clearer picture
2) There are comments that the Brexit vote was a protest vote by people fed up with only casual, badly paid work on offer. Companies only offer casual work because their cashflows are unreliable. Could better software help them make more reliable cashflows? (This assumes they would offer reliable work if they were able to, and this isn’t an issue of employers exploiting people because they can). Also, if individuals get more opportunity to develop expertise, they can improve their earning power and have a more distinctive market offering (so cannot be laid off so easily). Can software help people develop this expertise?
3) The less people in a borough who are university educated, the more likely they are to vote for Brexit. As well as the above issues (less well educated people are less employable), it also implies a lack of respect for expertise (of all the experts who run the EU and told them staying in was a good idea). If more people had an opportunity to develop expertise this probably wouldn’t happen?
4) Is the over-use of ‘process management software’ – which reduces a person’s role to robot and devalues them – a factor here?
50 years ago, just about everyone was an expert of some kind, many of them running their own shops, making jewellery, fixing bicycles and shoes etc. Now hardly anyone is, and if they are they don’t talk about it. Yet society has as much need for experts as any other time. Do we need to change the way expertise is perceived?
5) If everyone was using good decentralised software to make better decisions, would the notion of a ‘country’ be far less important?

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