We don’t know anything much

It is conventional for people writing blogs or books, or asking for people to listen to them, to try to make out how much they know.

I know this, I’ve learned this, so listen to me. It makes sense, who would want to listen to someone who doesn’t know very much.

But that goes a bit against the culture we are trying to develop here.

We say – the world revolves (or should revolve) around people who understand specific domains, who spend their lives trying to understand them better. If you need someone who understands the domain, you find this person.

As the author of this blog, I can say I understand very few domains well. Piano playing in a certain style. How to run a certain sort of micro media company. The oil and gas industry a little. And this approach we call ‘Software for Domain Experts’ – where we touch on many domains we know very little about.

is that a quandary – how do we get people to read a blog when we can’t convince anyone we know much about what we’re talking about?

Or is this refreshing?

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