How ‘low code’ makes for better software

We are still not hearing very much about the ‘low code’ software idea – is that because it is still confined to niche areas, or programmers feel threatened by it, or it doesn’t work too well?

If it is really possible to automatically generate code by describing simply what you want to achieve, then we should expect:

  • Software which is much more reliable immediately and requires less testing
  • Software which is much easier to understand
  • Software which is much more difficult to hack or bury (do you think Volkswagen could have hidden their automatic test software if they were using Low Code?)
  • Software which is much easier to iterate – no more building to ‘requirements’ you can build, test, iterate until the users are happy
  • Software which can much easier model what experts need
  • Software which can ultimately do what¬†experts need and which people love
  • Leading to experts and organisations which employ them being able to learn, develop and mature much faster.
These are all very good things.
Do you think this all ought to me moving faster?


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