How does modelling start?

Let’s say we want to install a software system to help a company be better at helping experts to continually improve.

Where would it start?

Firstly define what specifically it wants to improve – for example more reliable water supply, less CO2 emissions, less accidents, less non productive time.

Next come up with some key performance indicators which will give an indication of whether things are going in the right direction.

For example for maintaining a water supply in Mumbai, where there are regular water outages. Is the problem leaks, lack of pressure, not enough water being supplied in the first place? I don’t know but a local expert would.

An expert might tell you whether a useful key indicator is the amount of water supplied to the grid (vs consumption), the number of blockages, the number of leaks, problems from lack of pressure (needs pumps).

If the problem is water supplied to the grid, then you could set a project to reduce consumption and increase supply, and write down factors which show you’re going in the right direction.

My point is that this is a question only an expert can answer. Once the expert has answered this question, then the software people can start building a system (working together with experts) – and then iterate until they get it right.

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