Experts want to spot patterns and be told facts

I had coffee yesterday with a friend who is formerly one of the top project managers in the UK oil and gas industry, developing billion dollar projects, a real expert.
I asked him what kind of software he would have ideally liked. (Actually I may have asked him something a few steps back like, what do experts actually need).
He said that experts want to spot patterns and trends of what is happening
And experts want to know facts of what’s happening.
That’s it.
That’s the same for any expert, a doctor, school teacher, policeman, engineer, business development person.
Why can’t software provide that?
The software industry is developing alerts, messages, drill down information systems, dashboards, collaboration tools, analytics, news services, ‘we thought this might be useful’, all this fragmented mish mash of tools. But missing the opportunity to give expert users what they really need.
Of course, for software to distill all the data available and get the right ‘fact’ to the right person is an enormous technical task. Facts might be based on analytics.
Perhaps many lives could have been saved if security experts were more aware of the fact (which I read today) that it has been possble to get on a plane at Sharm El Sheikh without scanning your baggage, on payment of a fee of £20. (see
But technology has the capability to do this – and no-one (much) is developing it.

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