3 strong threads

There are 3 strong threads to the Software for Domain Experts idea.

The first is the technical one. Using ‘low code’ tools, and other methods which make it easier to build code, new applications can be built much faster. This is very essential when we start to move away from the ‘step by step’ process of building software, to one where software is continually evolving, after the users are using it. This makes it easier to make software which is more stable, and adapt software – for example to the needs of a different country.

The second thread is the commercial one. If experts have better software, they can do so much more with it – which means more profitable organisations and investment opportunities. And there are opportunities for small software companies building tools to help them.

The third thread is the psychological one. Decades of research has been made into how the mind works. We like to follow regular patterns, we love to learn, we like security, we don’t like change, we can’t handle much complexity. We can spot connections between different things much more powerfully than computers can – and most expert work perhaps comes down to a form of this (like the fire chief who recognises a house which is about to collapse before a non expert does).

All of this comes together in an exciting business opportunity.

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