Analysing the markets of SAS

SAS, a US analytics company, has a customer base which could be a close match to where the ‘Software for Domain Experts’ concept would work. Let’s go through it. This is all taken from the SAS website.

Capital markets – risk management, fraud, capital management

Casinos – marketing analytics, pricing, gaming analytics

Communications – audience analytics, network analytics

Consumer goods – supply and demand planning, marketing + sales analytics

Defence and security – operational analytics, logistics, predictive maintenance

Health care providers – outcomes, care delivery

Health insurance – managing costs, customer analytics, risk

High- tech manufacturing – product quality, marketing, supply and demand planning

Higher education – strategic planning, data visualisation

Hotels – marketing, customer loyalty, pricing and revenue, operations analytics

Insurance – fraud detection, profitability, compliance

K12 (up to age 18) education – effectiveness

Life sciences – research and marketing

Manufacturing – Supply and demand planning, product quality

Media – audience analytics, ad revenue management

Oil and gas – analysing reservoirs, assets, risk

Public sector – effectiveness, fraud, criminal justice

Retail – marketing, customer insight, demand forecasting, pricing

Small mid size business – forecasting, business intelligence

Sports – fan engagement, operational analytics, player analytics

Travel and transport – revenue optimisation, assets, demand forecasting

Utilities – grid analytics, customer analytics, energy forecasting, revenue

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