Where does this concept provide the most value?

Where does the Software for Domain Experts concept provide the most value?

I think we are talking about domains where:

  • there’s an enormous amount of data, in lots of different sources, which people need to somehow make sense of
  • there’s high value decision making involved
  • the expert roles cannot easily be shoehorned into a process, and efforts to make them into a process have (at times) just made it worse.

We are not looking at domains where there isn’t much data, or the data is very structured already or can be put into a process.

In some fields, the data can be managed by professional researchers and academics writing up reports – and that can be the best way to do it. But we are talking about software and automated tools here.

So domains I think our concept works best in could be:

  • Very senior business / organisational decision making at any level
  • Any marketing / business development role – figuring out where to take your company next and working out if it is working or not
  • Government intelligence role
  • Oil and gas role, managing complex infrastructure or reservoirs with enormous amounts of data
  • Government policy making role – including running cities and transport systems
  • Running health systems

Possibly it could be used in purchasing and hiring decisions – where there is a lot of data available.

The amount of data available in every field is going up astronomically driven by sensors and mobile devices, so this concept will be applicable for more and more fields in the future.

There are probably plenty more fields it could add value in, I am maybe showing a bias to fields I have a better understanding of.


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