It isn’t just the software – its the IT managers

Most people dislike being told what to do – particularly by software.

How much of the problem is in the software itself – and how much of the problem is in the people who configure business software?

We’ve all heard people talk about how you want to get data users to enter data in drop down lists rather than free text so it is easier to process later,

And there are various other tricks that software designers use to get the results they want from users.

Business users are not like home / personal users – they don’t usually get much choice in their use of the software, and they are being paid to do it. So how much incentive is there to make software for business users which is really fun to use?

For the entire business there’s plenty of incentive, if it means that staff are motivated, using much more of their brains and excited by their work.

But for the IT department, are they just another problem to solve?


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