Looking at Decision Lens

Decision Lens, based in Virginia, USA, is a company which promises to help experts to make decisions.

Particular areas of focus are pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, energy, and government.

The company promises to provide a “complete process for identifying, prioritising and analysing resource investments”.

Particular areas are researching spending, capital assets, IT and government.

For example in government it can help you to focus resources to where it can create the highest value (it suggests in defence agencies, state government, city and local government).

For IT, it can help you work out how to prioritise projects, select which features you need, choose vendors, so you are selecting what to buy and implement based on the value it generates.

In “capital assets” it will help you build your portfolio – and is particularly applicable to mass transit, water, public works, and infrastructure in general.

The “Intelligent Portfolio” software is a cloud based tool for gathering ideas, deciding how to choose between them, analysing and measuring the results.

The “analytics” module has tools to compare expected results from different options, optimise how you are using your resources, pick projects which provide the best return on investment, and look at the different sources of value. You can view your options in different ways.

Underneath everything is a special process the company calls “Analytic Hierarchy Process”, which is based on both mathematics and psychology, where you put your priorities into a ranked hierarchy.

Customers include Boeing, Amtrak, Department of Homeland Security, US Drug Administration, US Federal Aviation Administration, University of Delaware, US Coast Guard, the State of Washington, the US Navy, and GlaxoSmithKline.

The company offers associated consultancy and training.

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