– what on earth do they do?

I have just spent 10 minutes on the website of Casewise, a business modelling company, and I have to say, I really don’t understand what they do, although it looks relevant to what we have been talking about on this website.

You can model business processes, they say

The software will understand the company in depth, they say

Your IT architects can use it, they say

That’s about as much as I understood.

They have case studies showing that they sold software into a market sector I understand very well, oil tanker shipping (Total). They helped Total model its processes, although I have no idea why Total would need that.

Their CEO (on the video) doesn’t speak English as a first language – perhaps the company is French so they can sell to Total.

They have a London office and have chosen perhaps the world’s most expensive real estate for it, in Mayfair close to the US Embassy.

There is a video from a corporate manager of quality and processes with oil company YPF, another industry I know quite well, saying that he used Casewise to help the company map and understand its processes.

There is also reference to Microsoft Visio, which I understand reasonably well as a process mapping tool.

Is this what Casewise does – help people map their business processes – like drawing a big flow chart about how your company works? This would make more sense – but it isn’t something they actually say about themselves?

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