Expert software and how people see themselves

Modern society is not very good to people’s character – if you define character as what someone has, besides their ego.

Ego is how we work in the real world – our interactions, how we place ourselves, how we respond. Character is what’s left – what we see as our purpose on the world and what we are doing in it.

Psychologists use the term ‘narcissist’ for someone who has more ego than character – or perhaps no character at all. A narcissist is someone who works incessantly to prevent others reminding him of his (as he sees it) inferiority, worthlessness and inadequacy.

Our society has a growing number of narcissists in it – and its not surprising when you consider how our business and consumer culture does not reward people for having feelings, and makes us feel like our value as a customer depends on our money, and makes employees feel like they can be easily replaced.

What does this have to to with “Software for Domain Experts”? The answer is we see domain expert software as a solution to all of this.

Domain expert software places the person and her expertise at the centre of the company. She feels more valued, she is happier, she is more likely to trust the people around her, and the companies around her.

This leads to plenty of business advantages. Aside from a happier workforce, it means that people can work with each other being less reliant on lawyers and procedures, thus massively improving efficiency. And it means that companies are more differentiated, creating interesting opportunities for investors.

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