Forrester’s “five scenarios” for low code

Here are some pointers on how the low code software market works, stealing ideas from Forrester’s report “Five Customer Facing Scenarios Shape Low Code Platform Choices”.

The five ‘scenarios’ which Forrester identifies are

  • Simple customer self service apps (eg an online form or succession of online forms connected to a database)
  • “Dynamic” customer self service apps (something more complicated, such as a supermarket online store)
  • “Human mediated forms applications” (a more complicated form, when the customer would typically be taken through it by someone over the telephone, such as an insurance application)
  • “Human mediated customer engagement application” – a more complex form system with a customer speaking to an employee over the phone – eg a credit card application
  • “Human mediated case management” – a more complex internal / external administrative system for a certain process, which may involve uploading documents

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