Types of domain expert software

    • Here are some sorts of domain expert software which we have thought of so far, and examples
    • For sorting through the company’s data (which it probably has tons of, in various databases and spreadsheets), we suggest Maana (www.maana.io). This software automatically indexes, classifies, and statistically analyses, all of the company’s data it can find (even non labelled tabular data, or reports) and gives you some useful advice. Together with a domain expert this could be a very powerful tool.
    • For making automatic analysis of spreadsheet data, you can use Tibco’s Spotfire.
    • For ‘case based reasoning’, bringing up examples of what happened before when your situation was like it is now, see Verdande of Norway, a system for oil and gas drilling, also being used in healthcare.
    • For information management services for an organisation’s structured information, see Kadme, a tool for oil and gas national data.
    • For an example of collaboration tools, see software by Norway’s Computas, for collaboration during oil and gas drilling.
    • Business Process Management tools can help share information with others.
    • Sensorflare of Athens can make it easier to connect together ‘internet of things’.
    • We haven’t seen any software for managing data to compute Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), someone has probably built it.
    • (note: none of this has much to do with the software you can build with the current range of ‘low code’ tools, from companies which consider themselves ‘low code’. That’s mainly for putting data into online forms, entering data, managing data associated with cases, online content management systems and online stores. There’s plenty of progress to go here).

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