Extra benefits of software for domain experts:


EMPATHETIC SOFTWARE – by ’empathetic’ we mean ‘software which works the way you do’ (the term ‘user-friendly’ is over-used to the point where it is meaningless). There are two ways to make empathetic software – one is to spend billions of pounds on research, testing and refinement (as Amazon, Google and Microsoft do) – the other is to have very personal service, providing updates, developments and training as the user needs them. So far business user rarely have empathetic software, because most business software is provided by companies which are too large to provide personal service, but not large enough to develop empathy through intense research.

WORK FOR YOURSELF – many software programmers – and people in general – would be happier working for their own small company rather than working for someone else’s big company – and this provides a route to achieving it.

UTILISE UNDEREMPLOYED DOMAIN EXPERTS – we come across many people with enormous domain expertise who find themselves under employed. They have financial security enough not to take employment in an unpleasant, high stressful position, but find that society is unable to use their expertise in other ways. This project enables them to use this expertise.

ADVERTISING REVENUES – if you have software / online tools with high spending business experts as users, in some situations you may be able to sell their attention (by selling advertising), instead of, or complementing, subscription fee revenue

MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE – imagine what would be possible with domain experts with better information and tools to help them make better decisions. Everything would be better run – city government, village government, schools, police departments, services. Governments could achieve their targets – everything from collecting tax to reducing disease. Companies could perform so much better.

Everybody would be much happier.

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