Small companies + low code = better domain expert software + great business opportunity.

Small companies + low code = better domain expert software + great business opportunity.

This is our idea, we invite you to explore it with us.

        “LOW CODE” is a new term for software development platforms which don’t require developers to write much code (because all the coding is already done), often hosted on the cloud. By building in low code, you can make software tools much faster and cheaper than if you have to do the coding yourself. This means you don’t need a big team of software programmers in your company, you don’t even need to define yourselves as a ‘software company’. You can also adapt software to user needs after you have built it. Low code software can be web hosted, of course, so no client installation hassles.

DOMAIN EXPERT SOFTWARE is software tools for business experts and managers who could be in any field – from agriculture to zoology. It can include tools to search for and gather the data they need, analyse it, visualise it ready for decision making – and then help them to collaborate, and implement their decisions, and monitor the progress. Not many domain experts have software to maximise their productivity – they are using either mass produced software like Microsoft Office, which can’t do everything they want, or poorly adapted business tools, which are often designed and built by people a long way away from the end users.

GREAT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FOR SMALL COMPANIES – because small companies can use low code to make domain expert software, which is much better, less expensive and comes with much better service and support than the software most domain experts currently use! ┬áDomain experts might be willing to spend Eur 1000 a month for software + service + support + ongoing customisation which helps them massively improve productivity, so a company can be viable with just a small number of clients. We imagine that the small company could have both software people and domain experts as partners. That way the sales can be done by domain expert speaking to domain expert (for example, a former telecoms CFO speaking to a current telecoms CFO), rather than employing sales people.


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