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About us – the authors of this blog

Software for Domain Experts is written by Karl Jeffery, with many ideas from Dimitris Lyras.

Karl is based in London and his main job is managing director and editor at Future Energy Publishing, a small publishing house based near Kings Cross, London, making magazines and conferences about tanker shipping, oil and gas exploration, carbon capture and utilisation, and digital technology in the upstream oil and gas industry.  He can be contacted on jeffery@softwarefordomainexperts.com

Dimitris is based in Athens and London, and founded two software companies, Ulysses Learning, helping people who work in telephone contact centres get a better understanding of the concerns of the people they are talking to, and Ulysses Systems, providing software for the maritime industry. His background is in the deep sea tanker shipping industry.

Office address –c/o Future Energy Publishing, 39-41 North Road, London, N7 9DP, UK, Tel 44 208 150 5292

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