One of our customers is moving to SAP


One  of the customers of our small business is moving their supply chain to SAP. Not very interesting is it? They’ve sent me a long letter explaining it. I had to read it.

The letter explains why they are moving to SAP, they hope my business will benefit from their SAP, they are aligning all their businesses to SAP, I should give them my bank details if they don’t have it already (of course they have it already!) they will send me some further information before their ‘GoLive’ which “you the Vendors will see”. I should contact them if I have any questions and they value their relationship with me.

This is an example of non human friendly automation. They’re wasting my time with something I don’t need to do anything with and don’t care about, they’re subtely reminding me that my company is subordinate and needs to follow their instructions (although they haven’t actually sent any), and they’re willing to answer my questions (although not presumably why they sent this letter in the first place).

The last comments are an effort to sugarcoat their machine with a bit of humanity, but it makes it worse, it would be better if they considered me a human in the first place. “To: all suppliers”.

I guess this letter was produced automatically by SAP, including the translated versions. Doesn’t SAP know enough about my company to know this is a completely irrelevant letter? Clearly not. What matters is that they will “design, develop and deliver common best practice business processes and systems to drive profitable growth and functional excellence across all businesses”. That’s the machine again.


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