Business process management and SFDE

Business process management is a mature subject – many clever people have thought about it, developed consultancies around it, written books on it, implemented ‘business process management’ projects.

But the software for BPM – as far as we have seen – is usually pretty rigid.

Most BPM software projects  are built around a relational database Рwith logic added on top of that. They try to understand the world by connecting relational databases together.

Or to put it more precisely – the relational databases create a model of how an element of business could work, and the people have to fit with that. So we have our realms of customers, products, purchase orders and invoices, all in interlocking relational databases.

We’d like to suggest a way to take BPM software a few steps forward, and take the relational databases out of the equation. You can have a database but it doesn’t need to be a central part of the software.

The central part of the software can be the “logic” – what leads to what.

Traditional BPM software can be used by people in companies who have very structured work – for example the receptionist in a hotel, the maintenance planner working to a schedule, the airline checkin agent, it is a pretty short list really.

But everyone else in a company has a “business process” which means using their expertise and understanding of a situation to make good decisions – people in investment, marketing, recruitment, valuations, to name a few.

A different approach to software needs to be developed for their business processes.

This is what we try to do here.

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