Monthly Archives: July 2020

Published new short book “How to Love Non-Exotic Technology”

We have published a new short book “How to Love Non Exotic Technology”, written by Karl jeffery and Dimitris Lyras, available for free download , on Amazon UK here and on Amazon US here.

The book addresses what I think is a common complaint among people I meet in oil and gas / shipping industries – that while we can see the technologies which add the most value are the ones carefully modelled around what people need, with all the modelling, standards and data management which goes behind it, the technologies which get the most attention are the exotic ones (AR, blockchain, ML)

But maybe the solution is not to just observe or complain about the situation, or try to make exotic technologies more relevant, but instead.. to show how exciting it can be to work with technologies in a non exotic way. This work may draw on skills different to usual tech skills, such as map-making, conceptual thinking and people skills, and may also offer employment avenues for bright graduates from backgrounds other than deep-tech, who can apply their skills in making technology work – including solving difficult world problems like decarbonisation.